About me

Hi, my name is Lorance Smith, an RGD accredited designer based in Toronto, Canada.

I have spent nearly 20 years as a professional graphic designer, learning and honing my skills, both technical and creative. Currently, I can be found working at Devon Island Group, a business, brand and marketing firm, as their Associate Creative Director on clients such as Visa Canada, Scotiabank and Sears.

For me, design is about more than just creating pretty pictures. It’s about telling a story, making connections, and finding solutions. Over the years I have worked with sole-proprietors, small businesses and multi-national corporations. With every job I do, I endeavour to bring a sense of passion, an awareness of trends and fashions, as well as an attention to detail to create the perfect creative solutions.

My design skills extend beyond the ability to generate ideas. I also have a critical eye that allows me to refine and improve existing ideas, whether they’re concepts or layouts. And as the world of advertising becomes increasingly digital, I like to think that my unique skill for thinking “beyond the page” sets me apart as a designer.

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